Kenny Felderstein’s Bio


Kenny. Felderstein has over 30 years as an executive in the computer and data communications business.  He also started his own publishing company. The titles Kenny has held include Business Unit Director for both Symantec and Xerox Corporation, Vice President Marketing for both Xerox and BT Infonet Corporation, and President of Serif Publishing.  Currently, Kenny is the principle of The KenKenny Group. The focus of the company is to help individuals or groups realize they have control of their happiness and the things they need to do to get the happiness they deserve.

Prior to his current position, he ran Operations for British Telecom’s Multimedia Business Unit and Vice President of Business Development for Event Builder Corporation. His career includes positions in Sales, Marketing, M&A, Pricing, Administration, and General Management.  He led the launch of the industry’s first laser printer and the industry’s first desktop publishing software.

Kenny Felderstein has written four successful books entitled “Never Buy a Hat if Your Feet Are Cold – Taking Charge Of Your Career and Your Life,” “The Year Of My Death,” “A True Leader Has Presence – The Six Building Blocks To Presence” and “Happiness The Forgotten Ingredient.” He lectures to students and business people on leadership and the three main reason people don’t take charge of their career and their life. His focus is: people don’t know what they want, fear of failure stops them from making decisions, making changes, taking risks and people make career and life choices based upon their addictions to money, security, and ego.
Mr. Felderstein is a graduate of Saint Joseph’s University in Pennsylvania and currently lives in Marina Del Rey, California with his beautiful wife Ellen Sacks.

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