Jol Sprowles ‘s Bio


Princeton University. Played soccer and did lots of dramatics stuff. A.B. in chemistry, magna cum laude, 1966.
Cornell University, inorganic and physical chemistry, Ph.D. 1973.

Married 1968, three children. All have moved to California and are doing well. Three grandchildren and counting.
Divorced 1986.
Second marriage 1994. to my favorite wife Alice, in the picture with me.
In 2013 we will celebrate 57 years of marriage; her first marriage was 20 years, mine was 18, and together we have 19.

1970 – 1982: assorted academic positions, the last being 7 years assistant professor of chemistry at Bates College.
1982 – 2007: process engineer bullding printed circuit boards. As this industry faded in the USA I was able to find successive jobs (five times) when my employers went out of business. Because of this I have lived and/or worked in five of the New England states.The last was TYCO, bought by TTM, where I  worked for almost 11 years.

Retired since my last job, living in Connecticut. House and cars are paid for. We are comfortable, and have enough hobbies that progress in any of them is not what it could be. I do treasurer at church, model railroad in the basement and at a club, cooking, some remodeling of the house, a young dog who is a delight, gardening, bell choir at church, reading. Alice shares all but the first two, plus has her choir and sewing and girl scouts. We relax at Alice’s lakeside cabin in Maine, and visit my offspring in California.

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