Jerome Zivan’s Bio


B.S. in Accounting, Temple University (1966); J.D., Harvard Law School (1969), both MCL.

Practiced tax and partnership law in Atlanta, GA for 5 years before joining with a client in the real estate development and management business where I focused on investments in U.S. assets for European based investors. From 1975-1999, I led the company, Europco Management Company of America, through various real estate investments, including the development from ground up of Bluewater Bay, a 2000 acre planned unit community in NW Florida (near Destin, FL), where I have lived since 1991 (except for a 1 year leave of absence 1992/3 to be the Orser Visiting Professor at  Montana State University in Bozeman). 

After completing my real estate development activity in 1999, I returned to the practice of law as Of Counsel to a local law firm, Chesser and Barr and have continued to raise private investment equity for apartment and hotel developments in this part of Florida.

Married since 1980 to Dee Van Dyke, an artist. We have one child, Benjamin, age 26, who lives in Shenzhen, China. Two children from my first marriage : David (47), lives in Chicago, and Jeff (42), lives in Racine, WI with his wife and our two grandchildren (13 and 9).

I remember with joy  the good parts of my CHS days: motivated and motivating teachers; “S” bus rides full of laughter; the Ogontz Diner; even the compulsory gym classes that I hated back then, but now firmly believe are an important part of a good education.

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