Richie Davis’s Bio


After graduation from Central, I continued my education by completing a BA degree in Chemistry at Temple U, an MS Degree and PhD degree from Georgetown U. Between the two graduate degrees, I spent a short time in the Army. Following Georgetown, I did 2 years of postdoctoral research at NIH in the laboratory of Nobel Laureate C. Ansfinsen. My professional career has been in R&D or Quality Assurance / Regulatory Affairs with Medical Device companies such as DuPont, Abbott, J&J, Syva, Biosite and Illumina. 

I am currently retired but still consult for biotech companies in the areas of Quality Assurance/Regulatory Affairs.

I have lived for the last 28 years in California (LA; San Jose and now San Diego). Twenty six of those years I have been married to Karen. I have 2 children Danielle and Michael who also live and work in California.

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